ManufacturerSMS Schuler
Force400 ton

Total connected loads

Total connected loadapprox.kW90
Main drive ratingkW75


Total forcemin. – max.kN2500 – 4000
Vee-ring forcemin. – max.kN200 – 2000
Counterholder forcemin. – max.kN100 – 1000
Stripping forcemax.kN590
Ejecting forcemax.kN300


Slide pressuremax.bar240
Vee-ring pressuremax.bar265
Counterholder pressuremax.bar265
Low pressure systemmax.bar90


Slide stroke at max. die heightmax.mm30 – 80
Vee-ring strokemax.mm40
Counterholder strokemax.mm40

Die space

Die clamping area at topmm800 x 800
Die clamping area at bottommm810 x 1000
Insert ring at topmm400 x 80
Insert ring at bottommm400 x 80
Die space heightmax.mm410
Die space heightmin.mm330
Clamping area distancemax.mm760
Material distance from top platemin.mm260
Material distance from top platemax.mm380
Accuracy of adjustment indicator
readout accuracymm0,01
Vee-ring piston diametermm330 / 120
Counterholder piston diametermm250 / 120
Center support with 1 post eachmm85
for the two insert rings
Center support free rotable


Rapid approach speedmax.mm/s120
Blanking speedmin. – max.mm/s5 – 50
Return speedmax.mm/s135

Roller feed

Force per feedmax.kN60
Roller hold-down feedmax.kN500
Roller diametermm114,56
Feed step (coil material)min. – axmm1 – 999,9
Feed step
Strip materialmin. – max.mm1 – 500*
At take-over from infeed
to outfeedmm500*

Depending on the residual working strokes an adjustment of +/- 125 mm from the nominal dimension of 500 mm is possible.

Feed step-stroke resolution
Step accuracymm0,1
Infeed lengthmin. – max.mm1 – 1000
Residual working strokesmax.mm1 – 99
Feed speedmax.mm/s800
Material widthmin. – max.mm40 – 350
Material thicknessmin. – max.mm0,5 – 16
Material minimum lengthmm2700
Roller opening widthmax.mm32
Feed height adjustmentmax.mm120

Scrap cutter

Shearing capacity (roof-type shearing 12°)max.kN310
Scrap length (for residual strip)min. – max.mm1 – 999
Clamping force of blankholdermax.kN100

The cutting of the scrap strip (scrap web) is preselectable after 1-9 slide strokes.

Material lubricator

Spray device
Material widthmin. – max.mm40 – 350
Lubricant tank capacityapprox.132

Hydraulic unit

Cooling water quantityapprox.1/h3750
Oil tank capacityapprox.11000

Compressed air unit

Compressed air pressuremin.bar6
Compressed air consumption
when blowing out componentsapprox.Nm³/h60 – 80
Blowing air connections (controlled)pcs.4
Blowing air connections (uncontrolled)pcs.4