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Triple-Layered Parquet

It was during the summer of 1994 when the idea to raise a triple-layered ‘wood floor plant appeared. . Our company manufactures and exports wood products on EU market (especially In Germany and Austria). We sell (client-site) on over 800 supermarkets. Our products are tested by European laboratories and accomplish all European quality standards. The range of our production covers triple layered parquet and hardwood flooring.

The triple-layered parquet factory is paced on a 103.000 sqm of piece or Land. Built-up area being Of 25.000 sqm.
Production capacity: Friezes: 15.000 cm/year.
Triple-layered parquet: 1.000.000 sqm/year.

This production capacity can be accomplished by use of two working shifts of 290 employees (If considered to produce the friezes by ourselves). If we only consider the parquet production. 80 employees on two shirts are necessary.


  • Storage and separation of pant timber
  • Tender and parquet blocks production hall
  • Storage cover for parquet blocks:
  • Thermal power station on sawdust:
  • Automatically exhausting systems for sawdust transportation:
  • Electricity transforming station:
  • Dehumidifier rooms with, a capacity of 630 cm/one cycle:
  • Acclimatization room for parquet blocks and timber.
  • Triple-Layered parquet production hall
  • Storage room for triple layered parquet
  • Other utilities (tool dressing. mechanical shop. electrical shop. laboratories).

The timber carefully selected are processed into skirting boards and lumbers on ESTERER efficiency technological flow of high yield.The complete Installation is ESTERER and contains 1 frame saw HDN with cutting capacity of 250 cm plank timber/day.2 circular cutting guides.1 chop off machine opticut and 8 circular chop off machine paul,all with a capacity of approx.50cm friezes’/day.

The factory has vibrating bands systems Vekoplan which collect the sawdust and take it to the sawdust and take it to the sawdust bunker.

The hangars are concrete road paved and are covered with Astron sheet iron.Here the timber and friezes are stored for natural drying from a 100%-90% humidity to a 15%-20% one.

After reaching the humidity of 15%-20% these are transferred into HILDEBRAND dehumidifiers (7 with a capacity of 70cm and 1 with a capacity of 140 cm),where a computer is supervising the continuation of the drying process up to the value of 6% for the top layer and 8% for the middle and bottom layers.

Triple –layered parquet hall is organized on more processing lines:

  • The top layer production line, with a capacity of 18-20 cm/shift. type Schroeder, contains one preplanning machine, one planning machine, one chopping off machine, one wood lameta cutting machine and two separation roller belts.
  • The middle layer production line, containing one multiple chopping off circular type kalfass, one planning machine for both sides, one multiple chopping off circular type paul.
  • The bottom layer production line containing one automatic chopping off circular type paul, planning machine and lamella cutting machine type Schroeder.
  • The pressing line: fuse wire applying machine, glue applying machine, prepress machine and a multiple and a multiple-stage pressing machine type Burkle with high capacity.
  • The finishing line: three burnishing machines type Tagliabue. Five Burkle lacquer applying machines. rolling bands and four ITR drier lines in UV.
  • The finish line : two Homag machines for cutting the “slot and feather” system, two Homag machines for cutting the “click” system and the automatically close packing type kalfas.

The thermal power station contains 2 hot water boliers. one is type Vynke 5 MJ/hour, two are type Vynke 2.5 ML/hour, 3 type kara 2.5 MJ/hour so the complete capacity is of 10 MJ/hour and also we have a steam bolier 5MJ/hour. the thermal power station has all mandatory protection system and fulfils all the environment requirements.

The electricity transforming station has Siemens intermediate high voltage system with vacuum chopper. Kiockner moller low voltage system and two power transformer with capacity of 1MW/H

The factory has all the necessary utilities for the complete production process: turnery shop , mechanical shop, electrical shop, tool dressing at frame saw, tool dressing at parquet hall, sparks stamp out system, fire protection system, exhausting system, sprinkler systems, compressors, etc.

The main three types of layered Parquet are:

    This type has a longitudinal fiber and an uniform color . The warm tints and the modem shapes offer subtlety and style to the inner decorations.
    The subtle color variations refined design of wood structure create an intimate and modem atmosphere.
    The vivid contrasts of the wood tickers and the natural design have a special contribution to a country ambiance, an original and foot of life inner decoration.

In order to offer you a perfect mixture of color and character we choose the silence and calm of wood we could find in the nature.

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